Tema: Syria

Bosnian teenagers who ran from home to join Jihadists in Syria: This is their message from the warfront

The arrest of terrorists from Macedonia who fought in Syria and Iraq: Islamist returnees are a threat to everyone (PHOTO)

Albanian from Kosovo lived in Germany, and then went to fight in Syria: That's where they killed him!

Nikola, Vlada, and few other people decided to leave everything and to start over again, humbly, in nature, with animals: This is their life now (VIDEO)

We all feared of this: 300 Jihadists returned to Balkans, one of them is from SERBIA!

150 JIHADISTS ARE RETURNING HOME TO BALKANS: A great danger is ahead of us, they fought on ISIS side and they are prepared for everything!

Amer is a jihadist from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and fought in Syria with his SEVEN BROTHERS AND SISTERS: His men are now fleeing the hell of war

DRAMA! Serbian citizen trapped in Syria, they won't let him cross the border, his daughter is begging for help! (PHOTO)

Jihadists are secretly treated in Sarajevo hospitals at the expense of Bosnia and Herzegovina citizens: They are brought wounded and tortured, and as soon as they recover, they return to battlefield

5,000 SLEEPERS on the border with Serbia are waiting for the signal to go march: Jihadists are making their own state on Balkans!

Bosnian jihadist arrested on the border with Serbia: Enes Mesic planned terrorist attack in Belgrade?

We talked to people who reached Serbia in their Civil March for Aleppo: We have been walking across Europe from December (PHOTO)

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