Teme: America

The US intensifies pressure on Pristina! Meeting of Haradinaj and Kosnett, there is only one request on the table: Abolish taxes

The USA strikes Russia in a hidden message! They are using the crisis on Kosovo to remain in Balkans: Amecian general announced the help to "Kosovo Army"

Last warning to Pristina! Trump sent two men to Haradinaj: Respect our demands or there will be new sanctions

The entire world is talking about the Serb from Prokuplje: Brave Irena in the US saved a barefoot child from certain freezing on the street (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE! Watch how Divac fired from a shotgun for Christmas: A Serb from the USA described for Telegraf how he convinced the legend to take a shot! (VIDEO)

Serbian drug clan "America" fell on its knees because of a Bosnian: Smuggling of 1.5 tons of cocaine from Peru to Belgium prevented (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

America decided to cut the Kosovo knot! A clear message of the ambassador in Pristina

F*ck you, and Serbia, you are mentioning it in my house! A Croat lost his mind when a device told him who is best in the world (VIDEO)

Americans drove Yugo to discover if it's really the worst car in the world: Here's what they concluded (VIDEO)

She wrote "The Princess Diaries" and "Queen of Babble", and then she charmed the world: Now, she revealed what is love for her and how to find a perfect person for you

Exclusive: The man who is "guilty" of Melania and Donald Trump meeting each other. He is speaking to Telegraf about it for the first time (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A historic chance to rebuild good relations with America: Ambassador Scott has said - It's time to devote to friendship and cooperation

Penelope is creating romantic stories, and her heroes are full with confidence: Craziness about love is not foreign to her, and she lives for the moment (PHOTO)

A quarrel of the USA and Russian embassies in Croatia over the game: The American commentator began, and the Russians responded

This truck driver from Macedonia is the greatest man in the world: When he hears his favorite song, the roads start roaring! (VIDEO)

A young Serb went to Texas to work and live the American dream... and he died there: The family is gathering money to return his body home

A Serb wanted to destroy Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez ... he was preparing to attack the Royal Family: All about the actions of the right hand of "The Dark Overlord"

"Serbs, I am sorry. I love you": The American living in our country sent a clear message for the anniversary of the bombing

Americans gave recognition to the Serbian students on CNN: Your children are the smartest in the world, they dominate wherever they show up

Hristina (11) is half the size of her peers: She has unbearable pain, her parents are desperate, they are doctors and they don't know what's wrong with her (PHOTO)

She writes novels about true destinies of strong women who believe in love: Her books are bestsellers and they all have an important message (PHOTO)

INCREDIBLE TWIST IN THE CASE OF A MURDER ON ZAKYNTHOS: Latest autopsy evidence can set the arrested Serbs free (VIDEO)

Serbs in America celebrated a "fiery" Christmas, they were shooting in every direction: Shots from shotguns, pistols and other firearms flew through the air (VIDEO)

Serbs in America argued: Presents should be given for which Christmas?

Is America building a 1 billion euros power plant on Kosovo?

She creates unreal love stories: She is teaching women to be independent and to love for a lifetime, and she can't wait to meet the beauties of Serbia (PHOTO)

Chicago is no longer a Serbian city: More and more people are avoiding to call themselves Serbs

120 paratroopers jumped from 130 meters: Spectacle on the sky above Kovin (PHOTO)

Fake Putin's niece busted: Sexy student offered Trump meetings with Kremlin officials

Boris (18) made a lot of money on Trump and he left school: He made "the most unrecognizable city on Balkans" into a factory of lies!