Village on Balkan shrouded in secrets: Someone cursed it, the male children are dying (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

People have left this place

The cheapest residential spaces in the area of Ljubinska municipality - village Prisojani. The name says it all, it is on a sunny side, at the verge of the extremely fertile field. Simply, all the perfect conditions for a decent life in the village. However, this village is deserted, people have left even in World War II and no one wants to return.

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The reason is, as the locals say, "strong and very mystic". All the male children died to the villagers, female children lived normally and aged normally.

- One of our ancestors, Acim Turanjanin had five children, two sons died, three daughters lived normally and they got married later on. The descendants of those daughters live in Trebinje, and female children lived with no problems, and the male just got sick and they died - Dragan Turanjanjin said, who has origins from the village Prisojani.

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No one can explain this. Since before the war, in the nineties of the last century, a team of experts began with the research, but no one ever found out what were the results. The sale of the properties began in the 19th century.

- When the stories began you can hardly know that, but there are certain legends. A family Burek used to live here. At the end of the 19th century, 18 members of the family died due to disease, or something different. Only one woman survived who sold the property to the orthodox families Likic, Toholj, and Turanjin  - Rade Likic from Trebinje said.

People started moving away from there to all sides of the world. Two of Ljubinje went to Turkey. There they spoke about their Ljubinje and the village Prisojani.


- There are stories that some Muslim from Ljubinje moved at the beginning of the 20th century to Turkey and he met his countryman who asked him where he was from. When he said that he was from Ljubinje, he answered that he was from the same area, but he left because the mother can't raise a male child under Kovacica since there is always a cold wind blowing - Rade Likic from Trebinje said.

The last residents of Prisojane left the village during the World War II. That legend, or the truth, made people go to some other places, or simply to another side of the field.

- The last thing known about this is that the family of Bogdan Turanjanin lived here. He was an adopted son of Acim and his wife Koteska. He was killed by Ustashas and thrown into the pit Pandurica together with the neighbor Hakija Saric, who lived a bit lower - Rade concludes.

Cold wind exists in some other places, but people don't move out. Thunder strikes in one location don't affect the health of a man.

No one understands why the locals of Prisojane lost their male descendants, but it seems that it will remain that way.

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