Teme: Village

We have entered the notorious village, the birthplace of the terrorist, just before the "Day of Captain Leshi": When we asked Albanians about him, we received a clear answer, in Serbian (PHOTO)

Confession of a raped girl (14): He created a trap with sheep, he ambushed me from behind, took off my clothes and dropped me on the ground (PHOTO)

Love triangle tragedy: Nemanja was murdered by the lover of his wife, and she planned the whole thing?

Marjan delivered his wife on the way to the hospital: I have seen the baby's head, staring at me, as if she wants to say: "Dad, take me out" (PHOTO)

Jasmina got pregnant for the fifth time and she left Belgrade for good with her husband and children: Now they live in the village and they enjoy the life (PHOTO)

Daniel went to Switzerland to make money: He was helped by a Serb and an Albanian is his best colleague. This is his confession (PHOTO)

Djordje is just 16 and the entire family depends on him: He takes care of the sick father, sister, home, because he lost his mother (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A boy killed himself over bad grades, the doctors spent the entire night with the pregnant mother, they were afraid she will lose the unborn baby

Evacuation of the entire village due to the overturned ammonia tank: The police are placing people into vans, they carry only the most important belongings (PHOTO AND VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

Slavoljub's father died because of cold, and he has been eating a loaf of flour and water for years: He rarely speaks with people (VIDEO)

This is the driver of the bus of death: The Miracle Milan couldn't explain why the footage doesn't match with his statement

Entire Serbia cried for Jovan and now he has welcomed the year 2019 in a new house: He got a donkey that he wanted so much

Serbian "stone village", which amazes the world architects, will not deteriorate: The soldiers treated their souls here, and now it is proclaimed a cultural heritage (PHOTO)

Brothers Stevo and Dusan live in Croatia in complete dark, and since they have 80 euro Yugo, they don't have the rights for social help

Milica replaced the urban life of Belgrade with the warmth of her home in Dublje: She didn't plan on it, but she has a great life now (PHOTO)

They have escaped from concrete to the village and they have never been happier: Jelena and Milos are now growing quince and tomatoes, instead of rushing into the office (PHOTO)

Everybody was trash talking about Serbia, and these foreigners defended it. They really taught us something important

Unprecedented crime over a banal reason: Mother, father and daughter brutally murdered while sleeping (VIDEO)

They told an American that he will be slaughtered in Serbia, but he came nevertheless to Ziza and Ivan and he noticed that the guests are leaving 200 dollars in tips (PHOTO)

In this place, a Serb is building a mosque, and a Muslim is building a church: Incredible story of two villages and two states

Village on Balkan shrouded in secrets: Someone cursed it, the male children are dying (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Dalibor has 1000 sheep and the best farm in Belgrade: You will be left speechless when you see who is his biggest support (VIDEO)

Aleksandra has left Belgrade and now she lives in a village: She learned to do all of the countryside jobs, and she connected the love for gusle with her husband (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Milesa (23) is a farmer, she takes care of cows and fields, but no one takes her seriously because she is a real beauty! They all watch her white yoga pants (PHOTO)

I saw raped Serbian women in Pristina: Kouchner decided to speak after 19 years

The sweetest village in Serbia is finally going under UNESCO protection: Every resident is doing a single craft

A tree with water flowing out of it, a unique phenomenon in Montenegro: It becomes a spring when there is a lot of precipitation (VIDEO)

Radovan went out to the orchard. When he saw only one branch of his apricot, he fell into despair! (PHOTO)

Ivana (5) is the only girl in the mountain village, a daughter of a Serb and Albanian: She chops wood, cleans the barn and watches the cattle, and she has no friends (VIDEO)

Milica has left her job so she can dedicate herself to cattle and to making cheese which people eat all the way to Africa: This is her answer to the "stars" (PHOTO)