Our celebrated handball player raised a monument to Ratko Mladic in Republika Srpska! (PHOTO)

A move that caused a storm of reactions in Republika Srpska

Our former handball national player, Vlada Mandic, raised a monument to Ratko Mladic in his birthplace Kalinovik.

Oil on canvas - "Praljak drinking poison": The suicide in the court of the Hague Tribunal appeared on the wall of Zadar City library (PHOTO)

This place in Republika Srpska is also birthplace for the former general, and according to Alo, Mandic did it in his desire to pay respect since he considers him a Serbian hero.

That is why he raised a wall with a mural, with dimensions of 3.5x2 meters, it is all fenced, covered with lights and cameras, so it is protected and no one can destroy it.


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There is a writing above the mural of Mladic who is saluting, "The city of heroes", and the former commander is currently in the Hague.

According to the latest information by his son Darko, Mladic could be released next year, since it is expected to change the first-instance verdict about the life sentence.

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