Teme: East Europe

A professor from Belgrade sent sexual messages to his students through Viber and asked them to take nude pictures

Marjan delivered his wife on the way to the hospital: I have seen the babies head, staring at me, as if she wants to say: "Dad, take me out" (PHOTO)

Elementary school pupils cut their veins over dangerous internet games "Momo" and "Blue whale": Deadly challenge in Bitola (VIDEO)

Precisely 20 years ago, NATO bombs took little Milica Rakic forever: The tragedy of the century will remain unpunished

British media opened fire on Croats: Vacation there is more expensive than in Turkey, Spain, or Greece, they increase prices every year

Disturbing data comes from Northern Macedonia: Almost a quarter of the population lives in poverty

Four decades since the catastrophic earthquake that struck Montenegro in 1979 (VIDEO)

Armed bank robbery in Skopje: The attackers disabled the guards, they escaped with a bag of money and set the escape car on fire (VIDEO)

Support to the French people from president Vucic: We are with our friends and we are prepared to help with the restoration

Pristina formed the commission for conviction of the war crimes of Serbia following the example of Srebrenica

The show that shocked Serbia: Poor hero from Kosar received a tractor, he made a cross with his hand, he kissed it and he started to cry (VIDEO)

The hail came crashing down on Belgrade: People were resting when it began to strike (PHOTO)

Mirjana Markovic, the wife of former president Slobodan Milosevic, passed away: Her grandson fulfills her last wish (PHOTO)

I accepted the advice of the Supreme Commander: Vulin announced his decision on a hunger strike (PHOTO)

Serbian dealers-soldiers who fell with cocaine worth 120,000 euros due to naive mistake, admitted everything and struck a deal with the prosecution

There are no graves for Branimir (6) and his father: "We have seen rockets, blood, and our melted train burning on the bridge". Cries have been echoing in Grdelicka gorge for 20 years (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

The robbery of the century recorded in Albania: Thieves charged into the runway of the airfield and took millions in 2 minutes (VIDEO)

Assange once addressed Serbs from the embassy where he was hiding for years: Here's what he was saying about Serbia and our place in the world (VIDEO)

Great discovery in Istria: Pictures from the Paleolithic age discovered in Romuald's cave, over 30.0000 years old (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Jasmina got pregnant for the fifth time and she left Belgrade for good with her husband and children: Now they live in the village and they enjoy the life (PHOTO)

Only a bump, a flick and hit on the behind are allowed: The latest amendments to the Family Law forbids the parents to beat children

Telegraf above Kosovo and Metohija: We flew above the southern Serbian province in KFOR helicopter (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

"They are offering 500 euros to them to say that they had sex with me when they were boys": Marija Lukic sent us the ENTIRE MESSAGES

There was no goodbye letter, nor did Vasilije (12) kill himself over games: We have found out the terrible truth at the suicide scene (PHOTO)

Tragedy in Belgrade: A boy jumped out from the 7th floor because his mother didn't allow him to play video games!

We entered Bondsteel and we asked 2 questions to the commander: His words about the Serbian Army will surprise you (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

"My son (20) died on Kosare because he didn't obey the command. I wouldn't obey it as well": The mother reveals the murderer and the last words of Tibor (VIDEO)

We haven't seen anything like this in Bosnia: The owner of the company gifted "Audi A8" to his best worker (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The US intensifies pressure on Pristina! Meeting of Haradinaj and Kosnett, there is only one request on the table: Abolish taxes

My Vladimir was 19 years old when he died for Serbia: Albanians recorded killing him, and they are still not in prison