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Who is Slobodan Kascelan, arrested leader of Kavac clan: He threatened that he will remove all member of the opposite clan from the face of the Earth

Croat who "fixed" a graffiti of hatred, speaks for Telegraf: It is not true that Serbs aren't welcome in Zadar. Enough with the hate speech, we should be humane (PHOTO)

KFOR responded about the movements of the units in the north of Kosovo, the Serbian list said: You have picked your side! (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

45 KFOR vehicles entered the north of Kosovo! They carry equipment for road blocks and barriers (VIDEO)

Haradinaj prepared 1.5 million euros for the defense of KLA terrorists in Hague! He provided legal and financial assistance to the defendants for crimes against Serbs

"Excuse me, do you want to kill me, rape me, or just rob me": Serbs will be able to defend their property and life from thieves. A case which was a turning point (SURVEY)

Countless American flags in Pristina and there is just one reason for that (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

The criminal Haradinaj is defending the terrorists on Facebook: KLA lead a clean and holy war

Novak was going crazy on Marakana, he celebrated the goal of Red Star as if he has won the Wimbledon (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Veljko, Natalija, Andjela, and Radovan are a real sensation in Nis: Inseparable quadruplets celebrated their 18th birthday (PHOTO)

Is EU membership by 2025 a mission impossible or is there a possible twist which was announced in September?

Neymar praised the Serbian gift and he amazed a girl from Belgrade! (PHOTO)

Croatian reporter amazed with Serbian capital: Belgrade is the only real metropolis of Balkans, and here's why

The exact hour when "Kosovo Army" is going to be formed is revealed

Darko Saric sentenced to 15 years in prison: Pablo Escobar of Balkans (PHOTOS)

752 people in Bosnia are over 100 years old, and a man from Sarajevo is the oldest

Armored vehicles arrived at Kosovo

The entire region froze over this scene: Russian is taking a bath in the frozen lake in Montenegro, and then he went to "warm himself up" in Bar (VIDEO)

A new victory for Serbia! 12th country withdrew the recognition of Kosovo

A terrorist, commander of KLA, war criminal, organizer of heroin transport: Who is Rustem Mustafa Remi who will be put to trial in the Hague?

I am convinced that there won't be a war, but we won't allow a pogrom of Serbs: Vucic about tensions on Kosovo (PHOTO)

She entered the OR in a wheelchair: Not even a broken leg could stop Dr. Danica Grujic from operating a patient (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The value of Serbian passport increased: We can go to 126 countries, but we still need a visa for 72 countries (complete list)

Dodik left the meeting due to the fact that the Flag of Republika Srpska was not displayed (VIDEO)

Exclusive! Dejan Savicevic about the match against Kosovo for the first time: This is the hardest situation, we have the Serbian, Montenegrin and Albanian side!

Lazar's average grade was 9.55, and he wasn't able to complete Medical Faculty because of the money: Completely unknown person did something unreal (PHOTO)

The family of the dead baby Danica crushed with pain: My little thing, our light, and joy. It would be her first birthday last week (PHOTO)

Kosovo Albanians demand the unification of South and North Mitrovica in the near future: They are pushing the law before the Pristina authorities

Americans drove Yugo to discover if it's really the worst car in the world: Here's what they concluded (VIDEO)

Twitter profile of the "Lord of Kosovo" has been hacked! Serbian hackers said to Kadri Veseli: "This is your first warning" (VIDEO)