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Vucic called the Croat on the phone who said that foreign services are behind protests in Belgrade: The head of Zagreb for emergency situations revealed the details

Final verdict for Radovan Karadzic: Final decision will be made today in the Hague tribunal against the first president of Republika Srpska

Ivana, who was brutally beaten by her boyfriend, got out of the hospital: She is going to her rescuer

Djordje is in custody for brutal beating and torture of his girlfriend Ivana: He demanded to be placed in the solitary confinement, he is afraid for his life

The hidden beauty of Western Serbia: The land where our soldiers shed blood is proudly guarded by Orthodox monasteries (PHOTO)

A Serb was killed in Johannesburg while he was driving a bike: Murderers in black got out of the car and shot him (PHOTO)

Snow is causing chaos in Croatia: Four accidents on the highway in such a short time, there are appeals not to drive without the utter need (PHOTO)

Vucic requested releasing the people arrested for charging into Radio-Television of Serbia and he announced the pardon of the convicted

People of Belgrade have been going to their own sea for years, and they say it's marvelous: It is not mud, it is gold! But, someone has poured concrete on the healing source (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

There won't be any unpunished violence: The president of Serbia about the protesters charging in the Radio Television of Serbia and protests in Belgrade

Stones and bottles were flying: The footage of the attack on the police officers in Belgrade (VIDEO)

Don't play with fire! Dacic expressly warned Thaci: If you attack Serbs, we will defend them

We are ready to intervene whenever security is endangered: KFOR spokesman for Telegraf about Thaci threats with the army and the police to Serbia

"I will Balkanize the US and ensure that NATO isn't on Muslim side like it is on Kosovo": The terrorist murdered 49 people and he announced vengeance for the death of thousands of Christians

This tragedy is sending a strong message that we must be united before the cruelty of terrorism: Vucic send condolences to the governor of New Zealand

Boys in Serbia grow breasts, and girls enter premature puberty at the age of 6: This meat is one of the main causes!

Martina (35) lost her breast, and she is receiving terrible threats: "The Czechs love women with a bigger bust"

They are creating nurses in 6 months for 1.100 euros, they claim everything is legal: "You wear a coat for 2-3 days and you go and check a few patients"

Bigger and bigger babies are being born in Serbia: We reveal why is that happening and what should women do during pregnancy (PHOTO)

Judoist is a leader of drug-clan which was arrested in Belgrade: They secured gay and night clubs, they distributed drugs and caused incidents (VIDEO)

The solution for Kosovo will come when these 5 countries agree: The resolution 1244 will be repealed?

The British envoy brought 3 messages in Pristina and a mystery of meeting with Thaci: One is for Haradinaj's ears only, and we will not like the other one

A body of a soldier was found in the river: He left the camp during the night, he had a wife and two small children

Everybody attacked Tamara from moving away from Belgrade due to politics, money, and an apartment, and this is her response (PHOTO)

Thieves were stealing while the priest was serving a requiem: They smashed the windows of cars and got everything they could find, while the deceased was still in the yard

Husband of Marija Lukic for the first time in public: I have read 5 messages of Jutka, I knew what Marija was doing and where was she going

A 5 kg baby was born in Belgrade: Little Mila is a real champion (PHOTO)

"I don't know how will I survive this": Mother is exhuming the body of David Dragicevic from the grave in Banja Luka

Serbian Army is ready and is carefully observing developments in Kosovo: Chief of Staff assessed: Situation stable but unpredictable

16 years since the assassination of Zoran Djindjic: A day that changed Serbia forever