If a war breaks out, Montenegro has 5.000 soldiers: We are a small but efficient country and NATO member

The defense minister announced the rejuvenation and modernization of the army

The Army of Montenegro counts up to 2.368 people in the army during peacetime, and 5.159 during wartime, it is stated in the Decision on the organizational and formation structure and the size of the army that was adopted by the Montenegrin Government yesterday.

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Montenegrin minister of defense Predrag Boskovic said after the government session that it is a quality document which will be the starting point for later territorial defining of the units of the army.

Boskovic said that all this is in favor of what the Montenegrin government set for its goal two years ago when it was formed.

- That is to create the military the way we would like to have, as a small and efficient state. Therefore, the army according to the needs of the state and its national interests on the one hand, and on the other, taking into account the fact that Montenegro is a full member of NATO - specified Boskovic.

According to him, this is just the beginning of the army reform.

- By the middle of next year we will create the conditions for the army to be even more importantly rejuvenated, and on the other hand to modernize it - said Boskovic.

He added that members of the army will be involved in international missions, as well as for the needs of the civilian population in Montenegro.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Srna)

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