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Shaqiri's confession: I wouldn't even drink coffee with him, father heard Red Star fans cursing him on the stands!

The Albanian gave a comprehensive interview to the Swiss media

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Swiss national player Xherdan Shaqiri recently gave an interview for the newspaper "Blik" where he spoke about the match with Belgium, the games in the Liverpool jersey, the "war" with Gary Neville, and the details from the match against Red Star. 

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The duel with Belgium took place on Sunday evening, the Swiss won with 5:2, and we will deal with other details from Shaqiri's interview.

Interview that was broadcast by certain English media, and they were most interested what he has to say for the "attack" of Gary Neville. To recall, the legendary football player of United had negative comments about Shaqiri's play.

- I am not interested in what Neville said, I am not interested even if he said that I play great - Shaqiri said.

- Many thought that Liverpool was too big for me, but I remained calm, even when I didn't play much at the beginning.

Foto: Tanjug/AP

The journalist was also interested in the way Shaqiri reacted to Klopp's decision not to take him to Belgrade.

- I understand in a way because Klopp wanted to prevent unnecessary tensions. On the other hand, I am sorry that I couldn't help the team - Shaqiri said and he mentioned the insults of the Red Star fans he experienced during the match on Enfield.

- I've heard that they cursed my mother. My father was on the stadium and he was "familiar" with the curses. 

VIDEO: Shaqiri is playing dumb. He claims that no one in Serbia was upset about the eagle


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