Teme: Confession

"My son loved Marko, and he used to beat him up and cheat on him": Mother of a transvestite, Goran, claims that he killed him by accident, out of despair

Bobana watcher her parents die, she tried to commit suicide and she lost both hands: Now, she has a store, she is happily married and she has a child (PHOTO)

Confession of a priest who has to go to prison for drinking: One service after the other and I had 2.06 blood alcohol level - not even the church robes could help me in the police (PHOTO)

The confession of a mother of a raped boy: His father beat us, I was no mother, nor a woman, but an animal who endures it all! (PHOTO)

Gay from Serbia has been living in Croatia for 4 years and is married to a man from Zagreb: I love this country, I have no problems here (PHOTO)

He was a Hungarian, a Catholic, he declared as a Yugoslav and he loved Serbia more than all of us: Shocking confession of a friend of the pilot who died (PHOTO)

Confession of a doctor, Vesna, they fought for her life for 13 hours in the airplane: I saw the endless sky with a lot of sparks, I didn't know if I was alive or dead (PHOTO)

Confession of Djurdjica who drinks viagra every day because there is no cure for her deadly illness: I became a disabled person from a normal person (PHOTO)

The brave little girl didn't cry, and she was thrown in a trashcan! Confession of the police officers who found a baby in the New Year's night (VIDEO)

Do you know the feeling when 2.000 angry people start charging at you because their f*cking club lost from the stronger one? Confession of the police officer Tanja who had enough of it

Confession of a convict from the worst prison in Balkans: In it is a Muslim who took down the cross and a murderer who killed because of a slap (VIDEO)

Incredible confession of the prison employees: A convict asked me to be his godmother on wedding

Status of a girl from Sarajevo about giving birth has raised all women to their feet: "Everybody puts their hands down there as if it's a lottery. Only the janitor was missing"

I found the phone of a man of my life at Beer Fest. While we kissed, I felt something ice cold flowing down my entire body

I LIVED IN HELL, I DREAMED ABOUT SERBIA, I CRIED THE ENTIRE NIGHT: Honest confession of Mirjana (30) whose cakes have infatuated the Swiss (PHOTO)

A woman who lives her life with stories of an atomic bomb: She told us what words stay in her memory of the survivors from Hiroshima and Nagasaki (PHOTO)

Confession of girl from Belgrade who escaped fire in Montenegro: Embers were falling, we were choking in smoke! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Maja knew what will happen, she got into debt to protect her child, and her life became hell with one decision of the court

I came from Germany to a wedding in Krusevac: When i gave them the envelope, i never felt so ashamed in my life

Confession of Zika from the Empire of Brothels: This is an experience that you thought was only available to billionaires and sheikhs

Dad, i graduated from college: Slavimir graduated after 30 years and his status set internet on fire! (PHOTO)

I felt like my toes are on fire, and i lift the quilt and i see that i don't have them: Terrible confession of worker whose leg was severed by mixer

We had sex in a broken trolley in Belgrade: When we woke up in the morning, all hell broke lose!

If i won't play tennis, nobody is going to stop me: When Novak remained alone with Serbian reporters, he completely opened his soul (VIDEO)

Confession of Croatian hostess shakes the region: They offer group sex, and also 30 euros to pee in front of men in a toilet

Chronology of gruesome murder of little Denis (3): The mother broke down and told everything

Bosnian survived the war, but Manchester is hell compared to that: People were running, children were lying in blood, wife and daughter didn't answer! (PHOTO)

Confession of Ivan (27) from the richest country in the world: I made 6.000 euros in a month, but they treated me like garbage!

"I watched them as they shot my soldiers in the head, blood was everywhere": Shocking confession of Serbian general on massacre in Dobrovoljacka street (VIDEO)

My dad is a Serb, a Muslim mother. Serbs call me balija, Muslims - Chetnik, in Zagreb "stupid Bosnian" (PHOTO) (VIDEO)