Teme: Football national team

"Kosovo - Serbia", echoed in Podgorica: This is what a group of Serbian fans headed to the stadium looks like

Croatian football players celebrated in the hotel: Famous singer climbed on a table with guitar, Subasic raised a flag, Vida poured alcohol (VIDEO)

Young Croats celebrating victory on the Mundial with the Serbian kolo (VIDEO)

"Mitro's on fire!" roaring on the streets of Moscow, euphoria is rising before the match of the decade (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Brasil will win against Serbia 4:1, the "first cleavage" of the Mundial said so for Telegraf! (PHOTO)

SCANDAL! Albanian eagle on Swiss television, the reporter greeted the viewers the same way like Xhaka and Shaqiri (VIDEO)

Beautiful Mira, wife of the Swiss football player and her sexy sister sent a message for the game between Serbia and Switzerland! (VIDEO)

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FIFA fined Serbia because of the flag of our fans!

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IT IS OFFICIAL: This is the new jersey of the national team of Serbia! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

PUMA IS DRESSING THE EAGLES FOR THE MUNDIAL: We can expect spectacular jersey of Serbia in Russia (PHOTO)

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With Georgia on the day when we were most proud of our football players! (VIDEO)

Telegraf in a tavern with the leader of Serbian fans from Vienna: Red Star and Partizan fans will cheer for national team, everybody will be proud of our choreography (PHOTO)

ALL THE ROADS LEAD TO VIENNA: Serbian fans caused collapse at the entrance to Hungary! (PHOTO)

Take a look in the gym of Serbian football players before the match with Austria: We watched a brutal training, and then there was a terrifying scream (VIDEO)

Agreement on the construction of the National Stadium with 60.000 places: The locations have been presented to UEFA designers! (PHOTO)

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