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Macedonians created the first electric car from "Fica"! It reaches 100km/h in 10 seconds, and it develops 130km/h (PHOTO)

Under the name ZAS G20, "Fica" received a new life as the first Macedonian electric car

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Macedonians breathed new life into the legendary "Fica" (Zastava 750), a small family car which motorized the former Yugoslavia and it served as the police vehicle, even as an ambulance.

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A team of specialists from the company BB Classic Cars, together with many domestic entrepreneurs and craftsmen, and the German factory Kesler, brought new life into "Fica" by upgrading new technology into the hood. Under the name ZAS G20, "Fica" received a new life as the first Macedonian electric car

Foto: Facebook/Park hotel Skopje

- We had two ideas before the beginning of the project. The first one was to make it a classic car, and the second one, to make it a small city car, those were the motives that make us create an electric car. Why did we decide to go for "Fica"? While we were thinking with our team, the possible cars were "Fica", "beetle", "NSU prince", and "Renault 4". We have chosen "Fica" because it was the most popular car in the fifties, not just in Yugoslavia, but also in the world, where around 5 million cars were made, so it is easy to reach to the parts - explains Milorad Kitanovski from the company BB Classic cars.

Foto: Facebook/Park hotel Skopje

The characteristic retro design is the most striking element of the electric car ZAS G20. Its chassis and part of the equipment are taken from a once-popular "Fica", a small family car and it is pretty rare to see one on the streets in running order.

Foto: Facebook/Park hotel Skopje

The power of the engine and the batteries provide acceleration from 0 to 100 in 10 seconds. Maximum speed is 130 km/h, and it can travel 150 km on one charge.

Foto: Facebook/Park hotel Skopje

Car "Fica", whose formal name is "Zastava 750", was a small Yugoslav car, manufactured in "Crvena Zastava" i Kragujevac, under the license of Italian Fiat. The first Fica was constructed on October 18, 1955, and the last one in November 1985.

Printskrin: Youtube/1tv

According to some data, 923.487 of these cars were manufactured in 30 years.

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