The former Serbian national team player has chosen to play for so-called Kosovo!

Youth Arton Zekaj is on the list of U 21 Selections of the southern Serbian province

The former captain of Serbia's cadet national team Arton Zekaj has chosen to continue his career in the team of Kosovo. 

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This news was published by the national team of Kosovo and it is stated that the Football Association of Serbia refuses to let him go and that he is under pressure of FIFA. However, Zekaj will be there in the next gathering of the national team.

- We can officially confirm that Zekaj is going to play for the national team of so-called Kosovo, starting from next week. He will be in the U21 team for the matches in June - written on the Twitter account.

Zekaj is a football player who is currently the member of Lille, and he learned in football school in Partizan and OFK Belgrade.

- I had the invitation of Kosovo and they asked me to play for them. I will play for those who want me more. I would like to continue where I left off in the younger team, but if they don't want me, there is nothing I can do about it. If I could choose, I would stay in Serbia, this is where I was born, grew up, went through all the national teams... - said Zekaj recently and he added:

- I was available to the selectors, but there was no invitation. I don't know what happened there. The selector Ilija Stolica called me and he said that he would like to try some other players for one national gathering, but he is counting on me after that. However, I wasn't invited in the next actions. Are those some combinations of selectors, or some other people, I don't know, but they didn't count on me anymore.

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