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What would you do if you found a wallet full of money? A waiter from Herzeg Novi had no doubts


Most of the people told Marko to keep the money and to "successfully" finish the work season

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There are not many stories of honor, honesty, dedication, and professional attitude towards the guest, or at least not in the media. This one deserves a few words.

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The honest waiter from Herceg Novi, Marko Nikolic, who works as a waiter in a restaurant on Savina, found a wallet yesterday with a large sum of money, which was dropped by a Russian citizen.

He has found him among the people on the beach, using the ID card, and he returned all of the money.

According to the reader on the portal Radio Jadran, most of the people told him to keep the money and to "successfully" finish the work season. But he answered that he doesn't need anything that belongs to other people.

The portal reports that it is unknown if Marko was rewarded for this act, but without a doubt, he has earned it.

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(Telegraf.co.uk / Radio Jadran)

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