(PHOTOS FROM THE SCENE) Serbian teen, her uncle and boyfriend killed in car accident in Germany

A.M., a 19-year-old from the village of Brza near Leskovac, in southern Serbia, was killed in a car accident that occurred on a German highway

JuGmedia has received unofficial confirmation that the young woman's uncle and boyfriend were killed in the same car, while for the doctors are currently fighting to save the lives of her brother and father.

The accident happened Sunday in Rottenburg, Bavaria. According to German media, the tragedy happened when a driver of a Ford, in which the Serbs were traveling, hit a stop sign, then bounced and hit another vehicle, a Golf VW - throwing it onto a Peugeot.

The Bild newspaper reports online that two men, aged 20 and 41, were killed at the scene while a 19-year-old girl succumbed to her injuries in the hospital overnight.

The report added that a boy (14) was badly injured and that the doctors were fighting for his life. However, this German media outlet did not say that the victims were Serbian citizens.

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