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Champions League qualifiers: Referee gives suspicious penalty, stadium roars "UEFA Mafia" (VIDEO)

Not a pleasant situation for the Portuguese referee after the end of the game

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The entire red-and-white corps will remember well Portuguese referee Tiago Martins, as his extremely debatable decision to award a penalty to Copenhagen ruined Red Star's mature game.

And it also ruined the Belgraders' victory in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League qualifying round 3.

Martins saw what nobody else at the stadium did in the 80th minute - Jovancic's foul over Biel. Wind then took the gift and equalized for his team from the spot, bringing the result to 1-1 and giving advantage to Copenhagen in the return leg, thanks to the away goals rule.

The anger that erupted in the stands because of this penalty was nothing compared to the virtual hurricane that fell down on the Portuguese when he did not apply the same criteria to award Red Star a penalty a while later.

Because of those two situations, Martins was criticized by almost every person in the stadium, and was not spared either by Red Star's staff and players.

Just look at his entry into the tunnel leading towards the locker rooms - all sorts of things could be heard from the fans who found themselves near the tunnel.

Red Star's assistant coach Kosanovic had something to say to the Portuguese, while Jovancic made a pretty brazen comment at his expense on the way out...

The video at the top of the article shows the stadium roar against the Portuguese, along with chanting the well-known slogan against UEFA.


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