Belgrade is selling one of the city's most expensive locations, future owner must meet conditions

Belgrade's return to its rivers

The deputy mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic, says that the Land Development Agency of Belgrade will publish an announcement tomorrow about the sale of building land at the Dorcol Marina site.

The deadline for submission of bids is September 12, while the bidding will take place on September 13.

"In this way, the City of Belgrade continues its policy of returning Belgrade to its rivers. One of the projects that proves exactly that is Belgrade Waterfront, which is completely changing that part of the Serbian capital and turning it into a new city center," said Vesic.

According to him, the initial price in the public bidding will be 3.8 billion dinars, which is the estimated market value of the land at this 4-hectare site.

"Beside the amount that will be achieved during the public bidding, a contribution will be paid to the city budget for the regulation of construction land, which will be calculated for the future investor for the buildings they plan to build," said Vesic.

According to him, the plan of detailed regulation puts the location is in the zone intended for commercial activities and housing, and in addition to this, it will be obligatory to build green spaces with rows of trees, which must be in public use.

"The maximum gross area of ​​buildings under construction in the location is 76,000 square meters. The technical documentation for all buildings and facilities that will be constructed will be approved by the Belgrade City Assembly Planning Commission. Also, the future investor will have to abide by the conditions of competent institutions regarding the protection of the environment of the monument of culture, the Power and Light thermal power plant, in order not to endanger its values," Vesic explained.

The City of Belgrade will, Vesic added, through the Belgrade Land Development Agency, provide access to the complex via two public roads planned on the west side of the complex, while the investor will have to construct all utility installations within the complex to connect to public infrastructure.

"The obligation of investors will be to reconstruct the crane of the old power plant and a pumping station," Vesic said.

According to him, the Belgrade Land Development Agency terminated two years ago the contract it had with the former lessee of one of the most expensive city locations.

"The land was leased in 2006 for the construction of commercial and residential space, with a sports facility, accompanying roads, as well as pedestrian and green spaces. With the decision of the mayor from 2016, the investor's right was terminated and a year later the lessee and the Agency terminated the contract, allowing the city to begin activities on preparing the site for the current announcement," Vesic concluded.

The deputy mayor invited investors to participate in this project and submit their bids in time.

(Telegraf Biznis/Beoinfo)

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