Belgrade Beer Fest is delayed: Bad weather moves opening of the largest beer festival

The entire program is delayed by one day

A meeting of relevant services and the City of Belgrade has decided to postpone the Beer Fest for one day for safety reasons, that is, due to a warning issued by the RHMZ that tomorrow night, when the opening of the event was planned, Belgrade will most likely be hit by a hailstorm and gale force winds.

This has been confirmed for the Telegraf by the festival's organizers.

A team of competent services in this regard assessed that the safety of the visitors of this event comes first, and postponed the start of the Belgrade Beer Fest by one day.

"Although we are not happy about the new situation, we had to undertake all measures, because the safety of the festival's visitors is paramount to us. Arrangements are underway with music bands to set new dates for their performances, which will be announced to the public as soon as possible," the Belgrade Cultural Network said.

The Beer Fest begins on Thursday, August 15, with the program that was planned for Wednesday moving to Monday, August 19.


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