Teme: weather

The hail came crashing down on Belgrade: People were resting when it began to strike (PHOTO)

Incredible sight from Croatia: The sea disappeared, bora wind in Dalmatia caused a man to fly (VIDEO)

The snow won't stop for the next 24 hours: Meteorologists issued a new warning, there will be large snowdrifts all over Serbia (PHOTO)

A nun is defying the snowdrifts, she brought the newlyweds to the wedding with a quad: Guests walked to the monastery on a snow-covered road (PHOTO)

The latest warning - Serbia will be snowed in! We can expect a minimum of 10cm of snow and icy days

Enormous spout blew away people and cars, it ripped trees out of the ground! A terrible whirl stormed through Dalmatia

An unreal scene in the middle of winter: Hail the size of an orange roared through Montenegro, cars were barely moving (VIDEO)

Scientists worried, great El Nino brings a drastic change in Serbian weather: Everybody fears from the upcoming winter, and we what we can expect (PHOTO)

A strong storm caused a flood on Hvar: The water carried everything in front of them, the part of the hotel wall collapsed, chaos on the street (VIDEO)

Serbia became white on the second day of the Autumn: Snow fell on Kopaonik and Zlatar, and we can expect frost and cold we haven't felt in a long time (PHOTO)

Below zero temperatures in Croatia, country chained in ice, storm winds reach 155 km/h: Red meteoalarm, dangerous weather is yet to come

Strong wing "blew away" Podgorica: Trees were flying, there was a complete traffic shutdown, fires broke out

17.000 flashes of lightning across Croatia, a thunder injured a tourist, Dubrovnik underwater, and Serbia can expect the similar scenario (VIDEO)

A strong storm has covered over Dalmatia: The locals watched a giant waterspout approaching (VIDEO)

"The God is furious with Serbs. This is done to destroy the people and our line": He published a video of the storm and asked what was happening to us (VIDEO)

These parts of Serbia will be struck by rainfall the most: The emergency situation in one city, all teams are on the field

Snow in May is old news: Slovenia became white in the middle of June, temperatures just like winter (VIDEO)

Flood in Belgrade: Don't go out of the house unless you have to, bad weather created chaos in the capital (VIDEO)

Water can't do anything to the man from Balkans in "Golf" while all other cars are drowned due to floods (VIDEO)

Svilajnac flooded as well, the evacuation of people started: The situation is the worst in Kusiljevo which is literally cut off from the world (VIDEO)

The storm has caught the parts of Croatia: Streets are flooded, people stuck in their cars, they are waiting for help

Bloody rain is coming! It is about to fall over Balkans

A storm has blown through Sarajevo! Streets flooded, umbrellas are swimming in the water, you can't see the rooftops from the ice (VIDEO)

We will have a turbulent summer: Infernal days will be replaced by thunderstorms, and we can expect two tropical months (LONG-TERM FORECAST)

Snow in May on Balkans: Blizzard in Dalmatia, Biokovo also became white, the neighbors are freezing on 0 degrees

Such a thunderstrike is unprecedented: It was so strong that it leveled the house to the ground in Cacak

The beautiful island of Brac is whole under snow: Spring ice wave in Europe will go down in history (VIDEO)

Snow covered half of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and floods are imminent in Republika Srpska: Region on standby, red meteoalarm active

Landslides in Croatia are still active, people jumped off from balconies and through windows: Seven houses collapsed, three people injured, 23 evacuated (PHOTO)

The sky over Kikinda opened, the locals thought that the apocalypse is upon them: Snow, rain, and ice started shifting for hours (PHOTO)