Fiat boss reveals new model might be manufactured in Serbia

The new model will be a family car

Fiat's new SUV is likely to be manufactured in Serbia, Fiat Director Olivier Francois has revealed for Italian media.

He revealed that the future model will have seven seats and will be a family car. It will be, he says, the successor to the Fiat 500L.

The family crossover, according to the director's announcement, will have FireFly gasoline engines and a new mild hybrid drive.

The company, Francois points out, will work on electric models that will replace the B segment the company came out of after the Punto model. He added that the starting price would be around 15,000 euros.

There has been speculation for months as to whether the Italian carmaker will remain in Serbia when the current ten-year contract expires at the end of the year. This could be a confirmation that Fiat will remain in Kragujevac.

Currently, workers at the Kragujevac factory are on vacation, and after that the plan is for them to work "as needed."

(Telegraf Biznis)

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