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Gigantic sunflower growing in Serbian village reaches nearly 5 meters in height (PHOTO)

If you're wondering what kind of chemical fertilizers are responsible for this size of the plant, the answer will surprise you

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A 4.6 meters tall sunflower plant is growing in the village of Maslosevo, near Kragujevac in central Serbia. And this sunflower wasn't even planted by the family.

Suncokret džinovski

Photo: Marko Jevdjenijevic

"The sunflower is growing in our yard. We didn't plant it. It's likely that birds dropped a seed and it started growing on its own," Jasmina, who took a picture of the green giant in her parent's yard, tells Telegraf.rs

When she and her husband posted the picture on social networks, many asked what kind of chemical fertilizers or genetically modified substances had been applied to make the plant grow so big. It turns out - none.

"We didn't fertilize it, we didn't take care of it, the only thing we did was water it regularly," Jasmina says.

It's as if, instead of climbing a beanstalk, Jack will climb up to the sky using the steady sunflower that's pointing at the clouds. At the top of it, the yellow flower is already blossoming, whose seeds will invite some new birds to the yard.



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