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Serbs arrested for smuggling 800 kilos of cocaine: Police intercept their sailboat

Serbian criminal investigators worked together with Spanish colleagues on the case

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Police Director Vladimir Rebic said today that based on operative data of the Serbian police, about 800 kilograms of cocaine had been seized in the Atlantic Ocean, near the Azores, when a criminal group made up predominantly of Serbian nationals, was uncovered. They were involved in the smuggling of narcotics from South America to Europe.

"After several months of operational work by members of the criminal police, namely the Service for Combating Organized Crime and the Organized Crime Prosecution, in cooperation with colleagues from Spain and the United Kingdom, the seizure of about 800 kilograms of cocaine was carried out successfully," said Rebic.

According to him, after information was gathered about this organized criminal group's involvement in the distribution of narcotics, as well as about the specific manner and time of the transportation of cocaine from South America, members of the Serbian criminal investigations police informed their Spanish colleagues about these findings.

Vladimir Rebic

Photo: mup.gov.rs

According to the director, based on that information, the Spanish police stopped a sailboat in the Atlantic Ocean aboard which the cocaine was found. Rebic said that on this occasion, the Spanish colleagues arrested three suspects, crew members, who are citizens of Serbia, Mexico and Russia.

The Serbian police director added that four locations have also been searched in the Republic of Serbia at the same time, and that two more people have been arrested on suspicion of providing logistical support to the three arrested on the boat, while the police are looking intensively for another member of this organized criminal group.

"This operation shows clearly the commitment of the Serbian police in the fight against drug trafficking, and I want to congratulate members of the criminal police on this extraordinarily good result, and also thank my colleagues from Spain and the United Kingdom for the successful cooperation," Rebic concluded.

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