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Horrific video of cyclist's death in Futog leaked: 3 details cause big discussion

The cyclist, unfortunately, died on the spot

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A horrific video from a surveillance camera was posted on a Facebook group, showing the moment an elderly cyclist died on the corner of Cara Lazara and Sremska streets in Futog. This data matches with the location of an accident which occurred on August 20 in this town, when an elderly man was killed on the spot.

The situation is very complicated and, whether the court decides the driver of the car or the cyclist was at fault - or that they were both to blame, the most important conclusion from this video is - be careful!

Experts will take into account split seconds, each notch on the speedometer scale, the cyclist's real ability to assess the situation, the car's ability to brake, and the like.

What can be seen at first glance, without mathematics or expert investigation, is that the cyclist drove past a STOP sign, tried to enter traffic in Cara Lazara Street, and was then hit and thrown off by a car driving at a considerable speed, which for some reason switched to the left lane.

1. Those who claim the cyclist is to blame are referring to the STOP sign.

2. However, others in the discussion that started on Facebook say that the speed of the car is certainly much higher than what is allowed, and that the cyclist was right in thinking that he could join the traffic.

Futog, mesto nesreće

Printskrin: Google Street View

3. There is also a third moment: why the driver switched to the opposite lane. Had he not done so, the cyclist would have been alive. Simply, they explain, the cyclist saw the car well and assessed that he could enter the traffic, but didn't expect the car to veer out of its lane. Some also believe that the driver did that to avoid collision...

This is definitely about split seconds on which a life, that was in the end lost, depended.



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