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People say miracles happen in this place: 630 years of Tuman Monastery, "the Djerdap Ostrog"

The estimated number of believers who gathered to celebrate the anniversary was about 15,000

The Tuman Monastery near Golubac, also known as the Djerdap Ostrog, marked its 630th anniversary this week. On that occasion, holy liturgy was served, knew lodgings were consecrated and a scientific meeting was held. It is estimated that there were about 15,000 believers at the gathering.

Liturgy was served on Sunday by His Holiness Bishop Ignjatije of Branicevo, assisted by Bishop Atanasije of Milosevo and David of Stobi.

"Today, we celebrate, to the glory of God, the 630 years of the Tuman Monastery, which is how long this holy place has lived, singing the praise of God. Thousands of people from all over come to worship the relics of the miracle workers of Tuman and participate in the liturgical celebration in this holy place. Before that, we held a theological gathering precisely in gratitude to these holy monks who preserved the Orthodox faith among the Serb people during the Turkish rule. Especially Saint Zosim, who suffered in the name of God and and whose holy relics rest here, and who is celebrated as a great miracle worker," said Archimandrite Dimitrije, the abbot of Tuman.

The Tuman Monastery is considered a place where great miracles happen to believers. A few days ago, the media reported about a boy who had been written off by the doctors, but who woke up from a coma after his parents, as they claim, prayed at this monastery.

There are a lot of these miracles, and Father Dimitrije often writes about them on his Facebook profile.

"ZH.S. from Begaljica came to the Tumane Monastery in late 2018 with M.O., who had an acute aneurysm. After a prayer was read at the reliquary of St. Zosim, she underwent checks, when the scanner showed pure blood vessels at the site of the complication - no more danger. Thanking the Lord and the Tuman healer, they came again."

"Miroslav P. from Leskovac for years suffered from a terrible pain in his left leg, in the heel region, and began to limp. Having heard of the Tumane Monastery, he came to the monastery to pray on May 22, 2019. While returning home in the evening, he anointed his foot with oil from the cresset of St. Zosima and Sv. Jakov. In the morning he felt no pain and walked without any problems. He came again to the monastery to show gratitude to the Tuman miracle maker."

Hidden in the dense woods near Golubac, the Tuman Monastery counts full six centuries of continuous existence. The time of its origin, the person who built it, and the life of the medieval shrine remained a secret to the historical memory.


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