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Juric recalls the words of Tijana's killer: When judge asked why he did it, he replied with 2 words

The father of 15-year-old murder victim Tijana Juric has commented on the decision of the Appellate Court in Belgrade to acquit D.C., who had sexual intercourse with a child

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The Appellate Court in Belgrade recently acquitted 24-year-old D.C., who had been sentenced to five years in prison by a first-instance court for having sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old Romani girl, that resulted in her pregnancy.

Igor Juric, the father of Tijana Juric, commented on the verdict on Twitter to reveal what his daughter's killer said when the judge asked him why he committed the crime.

"Lastly, fortunately you cannot know how the children, victims of pedophiles, and their parents feel. This is a stab directly to the heart of all of us. The court's reasoning for the acquittal is that he 'didn't know'. When the judge asked my child's killer why he did it, he said, 'I don't know'," Juric recalled.

Post, Igor Jurić

Photo: Twitter/Igor Juric

Dragan Djuric was sentenced to 40 years in prison for killing Tijana Juric. The girl and the monster monster met by chance. After midnight, Tijana was returning home with her friends from a nearby sports grounds to her grandparent's house, where was spending the summer. At one point, Tijana told her friends that she had forgotten her sweatshirt and would go back to the nearby Rata Sports Center.

She walked into an alley leading to Rata, and there she came across the monster. Djuric was driving in his red Golf, returning from the sports center where a football tournament was in progress. He had been hanging around in the stands before heading back.

Djuric struck Tijana with his car, to then approach her and, when she asked for help, grab her by the neck, hit her, push her into the car and drive to an area near the town of Sombor, where he murdered her.


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