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Zoran Kesic's hilarious dinner with Marina Abramovic: See what he was served

The TV host had a great time interviewing the artist Marina Abramovic, who arrived in Serbia on the occasion of her exhibition "The Cleaner" which opened on September 21 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade

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Marina Abramović, Zoran Kesić

Foto: Printskrin/YouTube/24 minuta sa Zoranom Kesićem - Zvanični kanal

In a dark room, surrounded by various floor lamps, Marina Abramovic and Zoran Kesic are sitting at the table, talking. The host started the interview in his usual way, with various interruptions and jokes, pretending not to know any better.

Zoran: Of course every artist has their secrets and should have them, but how exactly did you pass through the Great Wall of China? One moment you were on one side, another you appeared on the other side of the Chinese Wall...

Marina: Hahah ... That was David Copperfield.

Zoran: Right. And the disappearing of the Statue of Liberty, that's was you?

Marina: David Copperfield.

Zoran: Copperfield again... I suppose that means that the jump from the edge of space wasn't you, either?

Marina: Unfortunately, no.

Zoran: Alternating current?

Marina: That was Tesla...

Zoran: "Taking out the junk?"? Okay, that's Pedja D'Boy... I know! Your famous performance: levitating ping-pong balls!

See the whole fun interview in the clip below:


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