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Opportunity to resolve open issues: UN meeting has special significance for Serbia

This year's session is of particular importance for Serbia because of the Kosovo and Metohija issue, Jovanovic said

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Former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Ambassador to the United Nations Vladislav Jovanovic says climate change is the key issue at the UN General Assembly, but adds that this is also a great opportunity for heads of state and government to meet with their counterparts for the sake of resolving open issues.

This year's session is of particular importance for Serbia because of the Kosovo and Metohija issue, Jovanovic told RTS.

Jovanovic said that the proponents of independence of the so-called Kosovo, i.e., Western countries, have a collective approach towards the president of Serbia in order to bring about some kind of movement of Serbia toward their expectations.

In this regard, Jovanovic points out that President Vucic was right in saying that difficult talks await him in New York.

He also says that Belgrade should take a more active role, because constantly commenting on the views of other countries puts us in a passive position.

Jovanovic states that, in parallel with insisting on a compromise, it's necessary to remind Western powers of their responsibility arising from the Constitution of Serbia and Resolution 1244.

He also points out that Serbia's membership in the UN confirms its borders with Kosovo as its integral part.

Jovanovic points out that the United Nations is the greatest gain for humanity since the Second World War, but that due to various divisions in the world, the organization as been been devalued, pushed aside, while problems have been solved by individual countries or groups.

He adds that the UN has been seen more affirmation at times while being completely pushed aside at others, as during America's absolute dominance after winning the Cold War. Now, Jovanovic says, as a new world order is formed, the UN is becoming more necessary once again.

He states that the most difficult issues continue to be resolved by major powers, but that a deal has to go through the UN, which is slowly returning to the center of activity as heterogeneous countries need an umbrella organization.

Returning to the issue of Kosovo and Metohija, Jovanovic said there were two obstacles to it reaching the UN. One is the consent of Serbia and the other is (Security Council) Rresolution 1244.

He also recalls that there are at least two permanent members of the UN Security Council who insist on compliance with Resolution 1244.


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