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Hear Hollywood stars speak Serbian: Monica Bellucci, John Travolta, Mick Jagger...

Some of them speak our language so fluently that it's reasonable to think they are of Serbian origin, while others ... well, not so much

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If you want to hear foreign celebrities speak Serbian, you're in the right place. Listen to Leonardo DiCaprio, Monica Bellucci, John Travolta, Nicole Scherzinger and others, and in the comments below, tell us what you think.

We note that these are just some of this type of videos, so feel free to email us any links to recordings of others that you're aware of,  at kultura@telegraf.rs.

John Travolta - "I waited 18 years

Leonardo DiCaprio -– "Tomorrow I will travel many miles on a bike"

Mick Jagger – "What a wonderful evening!"

Julio Iglesias sings "There, Far Away"

Nicole Scherzinger - "I'm Nicole!”, "Good evening" and, "Hello, Belgrade!"

Monica Belluci – "I cleaned up the grandma, washed her skin. Fed her, and she asked me, 'did you eat'," (she says at the very start of the video)

Which did you like best?


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