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US ambassador packs memories, ajvar, slivoviz, and leaves Serbia: Scott's farewell Facebook video

The outgoing ambassador is completing his diplomatic mission in Serbia

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After three and a half years in Serbia, it's time to return home, says US Ambassador Kyle Scott, who posted a farewell video on Facebook showing him packing the gifts that he received during his stay in our country, and thanking citizens.

"I leave with my heart filled with fond memories and with a suitcase full of souvenirs. Thanks, friends," he said, and then showed jerseys, tennis rackets, books, ties and other gifts, fond memories, as he said, which he received during his stay in our country.

"During the trip I have to eat something, too, that's why I'm taking ironed sausage, rolled kajmak (clotted cream) from Gornji Milanovac, it's best the world. Ajvar (pepper condiment) of course, I have to have it, and of course, slivoviz (plum brandy) there's none better," said the ambassador, who is completing his diplomatic mission in Serbia.

After packing all his memories, Scott said goodbye to the citizens with a "thank you very much and goodbye" and announced that he will leave Serbia tomorrow, September 27.


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