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Hornet kills 37-year- old man from Ivanjica: Was there one thing that could have saved his life?

Every second matters when you are stung by this insect

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A hornet proved to be deadly for 37-year-old R.S. from Crvena Gora near Ivanjica, western Serbia. This is the first case in Ivanjica recently of an insect bite having a fatal outcome.

The medical emergency service says that the problem is that many places are so remote that the ambulance can't get there in time. When an insect bites, a patient's reaction cannot be predicted, but every second counts.

That is why the emergency service in Ivanjica is uring citizens to immediately head towards the emergency room in case they are stung or bitten, so that they can get help as soon as possible.

"We are not available to everyone, there are areas we cannot reach in time. We have villages that are 40 plus kilometers away. When we get to a place like that after an hour and a half drive, we are no longer an emergency service. A person allergic to insect bites must urgently head to the Emergency Service so we meet halfway," says the head of this local medical service in Ivanjica, Marijana Lisanin.

"Adrenaline is the only thing that can save a person's life in those moments. People who know they are allergic must always carry a dose with them," she adds.

Allergologists are warning that a hornet's poison is 100 times stronger than venom of bees and wasps.

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