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Manu Chao is in Serbia, where he supported the preservation of Stara Mountain's beauty and nature

They told him of their resolve to preserve the beauties of Stara Mountain

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French musician of Spanish origin Manu Cao held an acoustic concert last night in Nis, southern Serbia. About 1,200 locals will remember his performance for a long time, but he give the audience not just a good time -  but also his support.

Milan Simonovic, one of the activists of the "Let's Defend the Rivers of Stara Mountain" group, posted on Facebook that his colleagues and he met with the famous musician and told him about the events on Stara Mountain.

"Last night we had the opportunity to talk about this problem with one of the greatest musicians of our time. After a fantastic concert, Manu Chao received a couple of 'Let's Defend the Rivers of Stara Mountain' activists and listened to our story with great attention and understanding. He, of course, has already come across such and similar topics and reacted with empathy to the realization that this ecological plague has now overshadowed Serbia as well. He gave his unreserved support to the locals who fight for their survival and to the activists who no longer allow silence about this crime."

"A big thank you to Snezana Ilic for her involvement in making the contact, a concise presentation of the problem, and Manu's team, which allowed the meeting to be held in a friendly and positive atmosphere," said Simonovic.

Shortly before, he said that meeting Manu was his boyhood dream.

"Last night, one of my childhood dreams came true. In addition to this guy on the wall, Manu Chao has long been a force in difficult moments and a positive, lasting energy. Another member of the ever-growing family of river fighters in Serbia," he added.

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