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Archaeologists dig at Smederevo Fortress and find an artillery shell: Works halted

Last year, while exploring Tower 11, another shell was found

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Workers who are excavating the remains of a rampart in the part of the former Varoska Gate 1 of the Smederevo Fortres, under the watchful eye of the Regional Institute for the Protection of Monuments, came across what is most likely an artillery shell yesterday.

Works have been interrupted and the site is being secured by the police until the arrival of a special unit that will dispose of the device.

For this reason, Smederevo residents are currently prohibited from visiting the Fortress.

Because of excavation works, entry is possible through the Jezavska Gate, but not this one.

Another shell was found last year during Tower 11 exploration work. A team tasked with disposing of non-exploded ordnance came from Belgrade and took the device away.

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