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Taxi drivers without stickers banned from Nikola Tesla airport in Belgrade

The law related to this obligation was adopted in November of last year

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Taxi drivers who do not have identification windshield stickers issued by the Secretariat for Public Transport by November 15 will not be able to enter the Nikola Tesla Airport, while they will be taking other stickers during the classification of vehicles.

These are mandatory so that traffic inspectors and the communal police can better control taxi carriers in Belgrade, as well as at the Nikola Tesla Airport, the daily Novosti writes.

The Law on Road Transportation of Passengers which was adopted in November last year stipulates that a taxi carrier must hold a valid driver's license and a valid taxi license for the vehicle.

This eliminated the need for the use of identification cards as a taxi document, so the taxi sector of the Secretariat for Public Transport started to issue identification windshield stickers to all taxi carriers who have been approved by the City of Belgrade, Novosti said.


Photo: Tanjug/Oksana Toskic

"Taxi vehicles that do not meet the requirements prescribed by the law and by-laws cannot perform taxi activities in the territory of the city. Consequently, they cannot be issued a sticker. At the same time, this sticker is issued only to vehicles that meet the requirements of the law and which pass the annual inspection," the Secretariat said.

The price of the card is 1,264 dinars and it is valid until the change of the vehicle.

There are 6,453 vehicles licensed as taxis in the city, i.e., they have been issued a permit to perform taxi transportation.

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