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New conflict among Grobari, Partizan supporters: A 4th faction is created? The South splits again!

Some Partizan Belgrade football club's supporters belonging to the Jug ("South") group did not come to the stadium at all

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Video: See the divided Grobari on Banovo Hill

Partizan supporters, nicknamed Grobari ("gravediggers" in Serbian) are clashing among themselves again, Telegraf has learned! Even divided like this, Grobari, of which there are several factions, now have a new conflict, and the consequences were visible during the Serbian SuperLiga match against Cukaricki.

According to what we have learned, Grobari from the Jug group were at odds with each other, which is why some of them didn't even appear at the away match played on Belgrade's Banovo Hill, while some of those that are fueding with the main group still came to the stadium, but stood a few meters away. That group did not cheer for their team at any point during the match.

Partizan fans are already divided into three factions, Grobari Jug, Partizanovci and Zabranjeni. Creating a new faction that would separate itself from the Jug group would further weaken the strength of Grobari, who, when they were united, drove fear into many supporter groups in Serbia and abroad.

Chronology of the conflict among groups

Navijači Partizana

Grobari on Banovo Brdo; Photo: Telegraf

Grobari have been divided since 2011, when Zabranjeni split from Grobari Jug. Frequent clashes in the streets caused casualties - in one such clash on October 22, Ivan Perovic, a member of Zabranjeni, was killed.

Zabranjeni have reduced their supporter activity lately, but they are still coming to the games and are currently sitting in the East Stand.

A new conflict was seen in December 2017, when some of the Vandal Boys group from New Belgrade tried to take over Jug. At that time, with them were also several foreign nationals and MMA fighters from Split, Croatia, who got arrested. This later resulted in the creation of a new faction, led by Milos "Kimi" Radisavljevic, who now watches the games from the East Stand of Partizan's stadium.



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