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Islamic State videos are edited in Kosovo; one features recently killed IS leader al-Baghdadi

The videos are also subtitled in Albanian and show the killed Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

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Four Albanian Islamic State (IS) fighters - Beko Idrizi, Bekim Fidani, Ilber Bela and Faton Ivaja - have escaped from prison in eastern Syria and are active once again, as can be seen in several videos released last month.

As the Pristina-based Gazeta Express is reporting, the videos are also subtitled in Albanian and feature the slain Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. In one of the videos, Albanian man Faton Ivaja is shown heavily armed.

Lider Islamske države Abu Bakir el Bagdadi, islamska drzava

Al-Baghdadi; Tanjug/AP

The footage calls for sacrifice on the path of God, while Islamic States is sending threatening messages to the United States of America.

Gazeta Express also writes that these videos are being edited in Kosovo, claiming that this has been "confirmed by sources from security services." The newspaper also states that IS video messages are being recorded "somewhere on the border between Turkey and Syria."

"A significant number of IS members have not been captured by Turkish authorities and have joined terrorist groups in activities that are more discreet, present in the Kurdish and Syrian territories," says Bedri Elezi of the Kosovo Institute for International Studies, adding:

"The situation in Syria leads us to think about the danger of them returning to the Balkans, because we've had the opportunity to see some refugees going to England, while IS members can enter Kosovo and pose a danger."

Security expert Drizan Shala points to the need for security institutions in Kosovo to work harder to identify those who post these videos.

"It would be good to set up a task force that would also include security agencies and create a solid basis in order to find out where these videos are recorded and edited," Shala said, Tanjug reported.


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