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No indictments have been raised yet against former members of the so-called KLA; this is why

The special prosecution has enough evidence to indict, says Pristina-based lawyer Gashi

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Pristina-based lawyer Tome Gashi said today that no one in Kosovo should rejoice because no indictments have been raised yet against former members of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) - because, as he says, this is not the case because of lack of evidence, but on the contrary.

According to Gashi, the Special Prosecution has enough evidence to raise indictments, but is trying to corroborate them with the evidence going to the smallest details in every case.

"The Special Court wants to examine every case in detail and I believe that after indictments are raised there will be a high probability that they will be proven in court. So, no one will be happy with the indictments against former KLA members. That was the decision of the Kosovo parliament, so something of the kind ws expected," Gashi told Pristina-based newspaper Zeri, pointing out that everyone whose name appeared in Senator Dick Marty's report could be invited to be questioned by the special prosecution.

Even those who claim that the Special Prosecution invited them only to provide some explanations, can be called as witnesses at the trial. Most of them have already been summoned by the Special Court, Gashi says, adding that this is also the case with outgoing Justice Minister Abelard Tahiri.

"Tahiri has long stated that he was asked to appear to give some explanations regarding the Ministry of Justice's involvement in certain payments to certain persons (former members of the so-called KLA)," said Gashi, who believes that Tahiri, who will be questioned at the Special Prosecution in The Hague on Tuesday, will not have any major concrete problems because he has been invited by the court.



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