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Policeman arrested for domestic violence after spending hours locked in his apartment

He only surrendered after six hours

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On the order of the First Basic Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade, a 42-year-old police officer was arrested yesterday after he had an argument with his wife, locked himself in an apartment in the Brace Jerkovica neighborhood in Belgrade, and only surrendered to the police after almost after six hours.

He has been detained for up to 48 hours for the criminal offense of domestic violence, Tanjug has been told at the prosecution.

Within that time, he will be questioned by the prosecutor who will decide on further steps in this case which drew a lot of media attention yesterday.

After arguing with his wife this man locked himself in the apartment, sat on the terrace, at times crossing on to the terrace of the neighboring apartment where, according to media reports, his mother-in-law lives.

His wife and son left the apartment after the fight, with media reporting that he was armed.

After hours of negotiations with the police, he left the apartment located in Vojvode Vlahovica Street and surrendered.

Some media outlets reported that the drama started before noon when the wife of the suspect, B.S., ran out of the apartment barefoot and screaming. After this, numerous police, ambulance and firefighter teams arrived at the scene.

Video: Policeman shouting from the terrace: 'I don't want to see anyone'. Drama and tension in front of the building



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