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"I'm shaking!": The first photo from the high school in Velika Plana where armed attack took place

The attacker fired two bullets into the ceiling from an automatic rifle

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Goran T., 46, on Friday burst into the Vuk Karadzic high school in Velika Plana and fired from an automatic rifle. Fortunately, two bullets ended up in the ceiling, so no one was injured. He was overpowered by a professor at this school of economics and hHospitality, and arrested shortly after.

According to TV Pink, the attacker is a person who has mental health problems. He allegedly intended to create a hostage crisis in order to make President Aleksandar Vucic, or Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic talk to him.

A hand grenade, a pistol and explosives have reportedly been found in Goran T.'s possession.

Fortunately his intentions were thwarted and the police are on the scene. He was prevented from carrying out his plan by a professor of physical education, Slavoljub Stojadinovic, who was allegedly grazed by a bullet.

A photo allegedly taken from inside the school has been posted on a Twitter account, showing children outside, standing in groups. According to the post, the Twitter user goes to the same school. He posted the photo and wrote, "I'm shaking!"

The attacker allegedly ordered everyone to leave the classroom and then fired shots.



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