Serbian students won medals at the Olympiad in Informatics in Japan

Ana is a princess from Nis: While her friends went to the prom in limos, she rode on a horse Rajna (PHOTO)

Professor got drunk, he performed a striptease, and then he was beaten: Video of the fight on graduation party in Croatia (VIDEO)

A scandal in the Gymnasium in Danilovgrad: They are sending away a professor because of Cyrillic

High school students born in 1999 "remember" NATO crimes: Students from Montenegro showed spite by wearing shirts with a target and Cyrillic words (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Girl students threw rocks at each other and they fought, boys were cheering: The region shocked with another case of violence in schools

Great fire in Kragujevac: The oldest Serbian Gymnasium on fire, suspects arrested (PHOTO)

Massive chaos in Gymnasium in Nis: Students stormed into the classroom with sticks, they beat everybody, even the teachers and parents

You won't hear anything prettier today: High school students singing the famous "Bohemian Rhapsody". It will send shivers down your spine (VIDEO)

Drama in a school in Belgrade and a cry of a mother: My daughter said that they will kill her, that they say she has scabies, they wash their hands after touching her

The old pedophile attacked the journalist Ana in front of the school, he thought she is a student: "Come, sit in my lap, you will get money" (VIDEO)

Athlete of the generation: Nikola skips rope faster than the Guinness record holder! (PHOTO)

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