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Weekly NIN pulls photograph of Vucic from front page of latest issue

The front page, posted on the weekly's Twitter profile, received comments saying that this issue and its front page should be pulled

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After a storm of reactions provoked by a photo of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on the front page of NIN, the weekly removed it.

Rerpesetnatives of authorities and a part of the public assessed that the photograph represented a call to liquidate the head of state.

There have been many messages sent to the editorial staff of the weekly, saying - pull the issue.

Editor-in-chief Milan Culibrk spoke earlier, saying that only the darkest of minds could come up with the disgusting things attributed to the NIN editorial board over the front page of the new issue, adding that nobody at NIN ever had any of the intentions they are now being accused of.



He said that nobody objected with a single word when some domestic media first published the Tanjug photo, dated June 27, 2017, when now president of Serbia, then Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic together with then President of the Serb Republic Milorad Dodik, inaugurated the 8th International Arms and Military Fair "Partner 2017," held in Belgrade.

But according to the publisher, the photo was inappropriate - so a new front page without a photograph has been revealed on Facebook.

"There is no photo on the cover, because in the opinion of publisher Ringier Axel Springer Serbia the one already posted on social networks was inappropriate, especially in a country where a prime minister was assassinated. Although the front page has been changed, the content of the article, 'The Weapons Affair: Who is Bringing Down Krusik', of course, remains unchanged," said a statement posted on Facebook.



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