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In 1999, he flew over burning Belgrade to meet with Milosevic: Little known Lukashenko details

On December 2 and 3, the president of Belarus will pay a two-day visit to our country

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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko arrives today for a two-day visit to Serbia, during which he will be hosted by President Alkaksandar Vucic.

Vucic said that he would welcome Lukashenko happily, and recalled that the president of Belarus has never been against the interests of our country. Journalist Alexander Zimovski also reclled good relations between Lukashenko and the Serbian people, describing in his memoirs that in 1999, despite NATO's recommendations not to travel to Serbia, Lukashenko still decided to meet with then President of the SR Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic.

"Lukashenko was the only head of state who visited our country during the bombing and thus showed his love toward the Serbian people. Lukashenko knows very well our position and situation in Serbia," Vucic said during a two-day visit to Belarus in June this year.

This is also something recalled by the journalist, one of the former leaders of Belteleradio company and program manager of the Resonance program, Alexander Zimovski, who described in his memoirs his flight to Belgrade during the 1999 air strikes, where he accompanied President Lukashenko, who flew from Minsk to Belgrade to meet with then SRJ President Slobodan Milosevic.

"When we took off from Minsk, with amazement and a dose of fear, we discovered parachutes under our seats. They were lying where vests are usually located in planes. Real military parachutes, they showed us how to attach them," Zimovski recalls.

Even before the departure of the presidential plane, NATO said it could not guarantee its safety, the memoirs said, but they continued on their way.

Aleksandr Zimovski, Lukašenko, Bombardovanje

Alexander Zimovski; Photo: Private archive

The leaders' meeting was held at a residence near Belgrade. The presidents' talks lasted about three hours, while detonations could be heard in the background, amplified by the sound of sirens.

President Lukashenko also visited the city to see some of the affected sites, the journalist said.

"It's a rather ghastly sight when half the walls are missing, and beds, there were only fragments of some medical equipment hanging from the rubble. The actual impact of a bomb or missile looked very depressing," said Zimovski.

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