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4 years after her disappearance, mother's desperate: It hurts when my son prays for Bilja to return

The investigation into the disappearance has been returned to the beginning; there has been no information

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Even four years after her disappearance, there has been no information about Biljana Djoric from Mataruska Banja.

"It's too hard, days and minutes filled with pain, expectations, sadness, fear, despair and it's been like this for a full four years. I will not give up searching for my daughter until I find out the truth, whatever it is," says mother Vesna Djoric, whose heart was broken on that fateful December 2, 2015. Since then, she has difficulty enduring the second of every month since it reminds her of the horror when her whole life was turned upside down.

Her daughter Biljana returned by train from Kosovska Mitrovica on that date, where she studied economics. When she arrived in Kraljevo, she left her mobile phone and passport at one kiosk, saying, "someone will come to pick these up." After that, she got into a taxi that drove her to the High Court building and since then, all trails have been lost. This is the only information that the distraught parents have so far. Their life forever stopped on that unhappy day when they started the search for their missing daughter.

Biljana Đorić, Vesna Đorić

Photo: Private archive

The whole family is suffering and going through hell, and each anniversary of their daughter's disappearance is unbearably difficult. "I have two more daughters and a son, he is a little boy, he is eight years old, but my soul hurts when I see him praying to God for Bilja to return to him," his mother says.

Still, she says a feeling is not leaving her that someone knows something, but is keeping silent.

"The Ministry of Internal Affairs in Belgrade supported us and are the only ones who have had any understanding. The Kraljevo Police Department has been ordered to reinstate the investigation into Biljana's disappearance. Unfortunately, there is no information yet," says Vesna Djoric.

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