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Parts of Serbia already under snow: Belgrade will get it too; and it won't get warmer soon

The day begins with rain, which will turn into snow

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The weather will be cloudy in Serbia today, in the morning and before noon in the north and west, by the end of the day and in other areas with rain and snow in the mountains.

In the evening and during the night temperatures will drop, rain will turn into sleet and snow in lower regions as well, mainly in western, central and southern Serbia. In the north of Vojvodina, precipitation will cease in the evening and during the night, said the RHMZ.

Wind will be moderate and strong, southeastern, in the south of Banat in the morning with storm strength strikes, turning northwesterly starting from noon. Morning temperature -5 to 2, daily highs 4 to 9 centigrade.

Sneg u beogradu, prvi dan proleća, proleće, vejavica, mećava

Photo: Marko Jovanovic

It will be cloudy in Belgrade with rain in the afternoon, evening and night, along with a drop of temperature, and snow in some parts of the city. Wind moderate, southeasterly in the morning, turning southwesterly in the afternoon. Morning temperature about 2 degrees, daily high around 8 degrees centigrade.

Weather outlook until December 9

On Tuesday, it will be cloudy and cold with rain, sleet and snow with the formation of low snow cover in central and southern regions, while in the north it will be dry with partial clearing of the sky. Rainfall is expected by the end of the day in other parts of Serbia.

Sarting on Wednesday it will be mostly dry with frost in the morning, short-lived fog in valleys and daily temperatures gradually increasing from Thursday.

Video: First snow on Zlatibor Mountain

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