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220 police officers with dogs and helicopters searching for "the barber of Malca"

During the day yesterday, all clues indicated that the barber of Malca, a notorious multiple rapist, was guilty for the disappearance of Monika

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Malčanski berberin, mapa, Podvis, Porešac

Ilustracija: Nikola Jovanović

It's the seventh day of the search for 12-year-old girl Monika Karimanovic, whose suspected kidnapper is Ninoslav Jovanovic, better known as the barber of Malca. Monika disappeared on Dec. 20, on her way to school.

More than 220 police and Gendarmerie officers from Nis and Zajecar are taking part in the search, along with search dogs and a helicopter unit.

As we have learned, today the search starts from the village of Podvis, to cover an area of ​​about 100 kilometers.

During the night, all forces were directed to Oresac and the surrounding villages. It was in Oresac that the most recent traces of the girl and Jovanovic had been found.

The Interior Ministry, MUP, also released a video showing a hideout believed to have been used by Jovanovic. Hair, which is suspected to have been left there after Monika's hair was cut, was found in a barn next to a house - this is assumed to be the place where the maniac brought the girl.

Nestala devojcica Monika

The missing girl; Photo: Facebook/Aleksandra Caka

During the day yesterday, all clues indicated that the barber of Malca, a notorious multiple rapist, was guilty for the disappearance of Monika.

It all started with the theft of a vehicle in the village of Malca. The car was then captured by cameras near the spot where the child disappeared, and then a police helicopter spotted the same vehicle near the Malca cemetery.

In an operation carried out by a helicopter unit, border police and search dogs, the suspect's makeshift shelter was discovered, created out of blankets and located near the Malca loop. A sleeping bag was found there, but also the girl's backpack, sneakers and food scraps, as well as traces of vomiting.

Malčanski berberin

The hideout of the barber of Malca; Printscreen: Telegraf/Tanjug

The police then discovered that several houses had been broken into in a village near Knjazevac. In one of them they found bedding in which Ninoslav Jovanovic (better known as the barber of Malca) slept, along with food remains, allegedly cookies, and cut off hair - suspected to belong to the missing girl. Jovanovic is being searched for on suspicion of kidnapping Monika Karimanovic (12).

Ninoslav was hiding in the house of the father of his sister-in-law.

Jovanovic was last seen in a village near Knjazevac dragging the girl, Monika Karimanovic, along rail tracks, Telegraf.rs learned. Monika wore a black hooded jacket.

Potraga, policija, Monika Karimanović, Ninoslav Jovanović, Malčanski berberin

Photo: Telegraf

He was released from prison again in March this year, while his parents reported his disappearance as early as in June.

Police Director Vladimir Rebic visited the village of Oresac last night, where the most recent traces leading to the girl and Jovanovic were found, and said the search for Monika has been an absolute priority of the MUP since her disappearance, and that all resources have been made available.

Video: The police raid the hideout of the barber of Malca


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