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Police chief Milenkovic talks about Jovanjica case: I personally led the entire operation

"Due to a multitude of inaccurate and false information, I would like to inform the public about the Jovanjica case," says Slobodan Milenkovic

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Due to the latest wave of fabrications and nonsense constantly appearing in public, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, MUP, has forwarded to the media a statement by Slobodan Milenkovic, head of the 4th Police Department for the City of Belgrade.

The MUP also once again urged individuals to stop presenting various falsehoods for the sake of benefiting and scoring points, which hurt the Ministry of Interior's reputation - the MUP said in a statement.

Slobodan Milenkovic states that he personally led the Jovanjica operation.

"Due to a multitude of inaccurate and false information, I would like to inform the public about the Jovanjica case. I personally led the entire operation, with participation of 50 police officers from the 4th Department of the Criminal Investigations Police (UKP), and from the Anti-Narcotics Department," Milenkovic is cited in the statement.

Slobodan Milenković, Senta sin

Slobodan Milenkovic; Photo: Telegraf

"From the very beginning, the overall conduct of police officers had been lawful, notifying the competent prosecutor's office, in this case the Special Prosecutor's Office. I must remark that from the beginning of the investigation until this day, we faced absolutely no pressure from anyone from the Ministry of the Interior."

The entire investigation has been conducted adequately and lawfully, Milenkovic further said.

No connection established between Vucic and Jovanjica

"In no segment of this processing has any connection between the Vucic family and the case been established. I state this as the responsible person, the chief of the department that conducted the investigation, and the one who filed the criminal complaint against Predrag Koluvija."

Finally, Milenkovic urged everyone not to exert pressure on police officers using the media.

"Police officers work professionally and legally in the interest of protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens of the Republic of Serbia," said Milenkovic.



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