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Self-Determination nominates Kurti for prime minister

The proposal has been submitted to the president of the provisional Pristina institutions

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The Self-Determination Movement, the party that won the most votes in the October elections, today nominated its leader, Albin Kurti, as prime minister-designate to form a new government.

A facsimile of the document has been published by Pristina-based Klan Kosova television.

Self-Determination submitted the proposal to the president of the provisional Pristina institutions, after Hashim Thaci urged the party to either nominate a PM-designate or inform him they were giving up on that position.

Pristina-based Gazeta Express newspaper writes that Kurti's nomination has been submitted to Thaci.

Kurti's Self-Determination Movement doesn't have a majority in parliament to form a government on its own, and there is no information to confirm that after months of negotiations with second-placed Democratic League of Kosovo led by Ise Mustafa, the party reached an agreement on a post-election coalition agreement.


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