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Skaljari Clan leaders gunned down during "farewell dinner": It's revealed how hitmen found them

The wives of the killed Igor Dedovic (43) and Stevan Stamatovic (43) allegedly arrived with their children in Greece on December 25, 2019, and the killers followed them ever since. They were supposed to return to Montenegro a day after the movie-like liquidation in a restaurant

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The hired killers who have been trying for months to trace the leader of the Skaljari Clan, Igor Dedovic, 43, discovered his Athens location on Greek Christmas, December 25, when his wife and and the wife of Stevan Stamatovic, 43, arrived with their children in the capital of Greece.

According to local media, the two families were having a "farewell dinner" on Sunday as the wives and children of Dedovic and Stamatovic planned to return to Montenegro the next day.

"It is suspected that the killers could not trace the leader of the clan, Igor Dedovic, who used forged documents and changed his personal appearance, so they decided to follow his family," said sources with knowledge of the investigation.

Stamatović Stevan  Igor Dedović, pucnjava ubistvo Atina

Printscreen: Youtube/OneTV

Dedovic and Stamatovic were killed on Sunday at about 6.30 pm while they were sitting with their families in a crowded restaurant in Athens. Stamatovic's wife was also wounded in the shooting, while cameras inside the restaurant allegedly recorded the attack, which, according to eyewitnesses, lasted only 30 seconds.

"It is suspected that the killers followed the wives since Gregorian calendar Christmas (Dec. 25) Eyewitnesses said leaders of the Skaljari Clan and their families came to the restaurant where they were killed at least twice a week. Obviously, the killers were following them, gathering information about their habits and movements and seizing the moment when they were relaxed and less alert," the Greek media reported.

It has not been disclosed when Dedovic and Stamatovic found refuge in Greece, but it's said they had been extremely cautious.

Stamatović Stevan  Igor Dedović, pucnjava ubistvo Atina

Printscreen: Youtube/OneTV

"They didn't have their own cars, they used only taxis. They used forged documents and Dedovic lost a significant amount of weight and grew a beard. They tried not to draw attention to themselves," these reports said.

The murder of Dedovic and Stamatovic is believed to be a continuation of the clash between two rival Montenegrin crime groups: the Skaljari and the Kavac clans, which has claimed more than 40 lives since 2015.

VIDEO: The scene of the liquidation in Athens: Killers riddled Skaljari members with bullets in cold blood, in front of children


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