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Priest hands out 100 gift packages to children on St. Sava's Day, pays for everything out of pocket

The young priest is well liked in the village

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Many churches in Serbia today give children gifts, after holding service to mark the feast of St. Sava, January 27, which is also celebrated as the school slava (Serbian celebration of the patron saint). However, one priest handed out 100 packages, which he paid for out of pocket.

According to Glas Sumadije, the young priest, Mirko Siljkovic, prepared one hundred packages for all children in Resnik, a village near Kragujevac, where he serves in the local church.

He paid for all the gifts himself, say reports from this village near Kragujevac.

As they say, Resnik will soon gets a big road connecting it with Raca, and one of the initiators to build it was priest Mirko, who is well liked and appreciated by the locals for his kindness and humaines.

(Telegraf.rs/Glas Sumadije)

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