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After Alps Novak comes to Belgrade: He'll collect energy for desert heat on a mountain in Serbia

Novak Djokovic will change several continents and several different climate zones during the first three months

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Novak Đoković

Foto: Instagram.com/djokernole

World's best tennis player Novak Djokovic is enjoying a well-deserved break after winning the Australian Open, which brought him the 17th Grand Slam title of his career. After the hot Australian sun, Novak and his wife Jelena and their children went to Val Gardena for a break in the Italian Alps.

It's well known how much Novak loves skiing, and he also confirmed this during the Australian Open when he said he would have been a skier if he hadn't become a tennis player.

Ever since he was a child Novak enjoyed skiing at Mt. Kopaonik in Serbia, and he is also transferring that love to his children.

There is no doubt that Novak was in need of such a vacation after the Melbourne effort, during which he will be able to prepare for the continuation of the season with much positive energy he will accumulate with his loved ones.

At the end of February, Novak will play his next tournament - ATP Dubai, where he will have the first test to defend the No. 1 spot on the list, which is threatened by Rafael Nadal as the point difference between them is small.

Before arriving in Dubai, Novak will in mid-February briefly visit Belgrade, where his parents are.

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New challenges follow after that. First Dubai and a change of climate and the desert-tropical temperatures. Then comes another "desert tournament," in Indian Wells, in the middle of the California desert, and then a new exotic destination - Miami.

That is why this transition to the mountain he is currently having is so important for Novak, as it can refresh him sufficiently and recharge his batteries for the upcoming tough challenges.

It's not ruled out that after a series of tournaments ahead of him, Novak will once again visits the mountain and additionally accumulate some positive energy.

Novak's main goal this season is winning the Grand Slam, which he himself has confirmed, as has his father, Srdjan, in an exclusive interview for Telegraf.

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