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Church addresses believers amind coronavirus epidemic: "Listen to experts, God is our hope"

The Holy Synod expresses its deepest gratitude and respect for the around-the-clock efforts to combat the epidemic, and calls upon those involved the blessing of God

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The Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) has urged all believers to act responsibly and in a level-headed manner in the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, not to disregard the instructions of medical services and state authorities, and not to neglect or ignore the prescribed preventive measures.

The Church is appealing on citizens not to expose themselves or others to danger, adding that, however, there is no room for panic and unsubstantiated rumors, the Synod said in a statement.

The Holy Synod stresses that God is our hope and our savior from all troubles, and that is why we should multiply our prayers for the sick, and especially for the doctors and other medical staff who are selflessly doing all they can, often exposing themselves to danger.

As stated,the Synod of the SPC is vigilantly and closely monitoring the daily news and statements coming from the responsible persons of the Church, the state and the medical profession about the increasing spread of the dangerous coronavirus infection, which poses a health hazard - and in many cases threatens the lives of millions of people.

To all who are fighting against this scourge, especially to doctors and other medical staff, the Holy Synod expresses its deepest gratitude and respect for their around-the-clock efforts to combat the epidemic, and calls upon them the blessing of God.

At the same time, the Holy Synod extends condolences to the families, relatives and friends of the victims of the fatal virus.

"The Church always, by serving God, serves the salvation and every good of both its believers, and all other people, our fellow humans, and especially in these difficult days," the statement said.

The Synod's message is also that - respecting the importance and achievements of medicine, which the Church considers to be a great gift of God and a great human endeavor - it offers to its believers "a unique cure of immortality - the communion," as well as the blessing of holy secrets and the benefit of its entire activity.

"It is up to us as Christians and human beings to do whatever we can do, believing and knowing from the Scripture that everything is possible for God, even overcoming natural laws and unnatural processes," the statement said, and concluded that we should have faith in our doctors and above all in our Lord, the healer of our souls and bodies.

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